The internet is a wonderful place which connects people all across the world and provides opportunities to people that they would have otherwise never had. The internet can also become a global marketplace right at your fingertips, in which you can make money. This could be through selling your own items, promoting other people’s products or even completing online surveys.

In this guide, we are going to be discussing the things, little or large, that you can do in order to boost your income. These are things you can just do in your spare time, so not a lot of effort is required to get that extra cash this month!

Online surveys

An increasingly popular way to make money without moving from your sofa is online surveys. Research agencies are always looking for people to carry out surveys in exchange for cash or voucher rewards.

These usually take a few minutes to complete, and for only a minutes you can make about £3 per survey.

Review apps and websites

If you are a regular web and app user, this will be a really easy way to make cash. Developers may be looking for people to test out their websites and/or apps before they launch.

Website is a new platform which pays people to review a variety of different websites. On average, you can expect a review to take around 20 minutes which should bag you £6.50, paid in via PayPal.

Affiliate Marketing


If you have built up a decent following on social media or perhaps you already have a blog, website or YouTube Channel, you may be able to bring some extra money in through affiliate marketing. You can start promoting all sorts of products, services and companies via your own platform.

Essentially, a company will provide you with your own link which you can post wherever you like. Each time someone clicks through your link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission. The amount you will earn per click and purchase is based on each individual companies’ policies, or in some cases, your follower count.

Recycle your old mobile phone


Yes, there is money to make in simply recycling your old phone(s)! See how much you could for your old mobile phone and ask around your household if there are any other old phones lying around.

Not only will you be making money you will be helping the environment by recycling mobile phones. The amount you will receive will be based on the condition and model of the phone. If you have a completely battered old phone, you can recycle this as companies often want the phone simply for parts. You may not also get the cash that was quoted to you if they do not agree with the condition you stated it was in.

Get cashback when you shop


Cashback is a great tool as you will not only be making money but also saving money in the process. You can look at it like you are making money with every purchase you would have usually made anyway, whether it is 0.5% or 10% cashback.

It is important not to make purchases just to get cash back, but only cash-in on purchases you would have made regardless.

The best cashback sites are that of Quidco, TopCashBack and Swagbucks. These are all free and offer the best selection of retailers.

Sell online


If you have anything lying about your house which is still in good enough condition to sell, but you no longer want, why not sell them online? Go through your clothes, DVDs, CDs, books and so on to see what you want to keep and what you want to sell.

There are plenty of platforms which you can do this on including eBay and Gumtree, as well as apps like Vinted and Depop.

Selling your unwanted items can not only make you a lot of money online, but you will also declutter your house in the process. You would be surprised how much unwanted items can take up space!


Daniel is a loans expert based in London and has been working in the payday loans industry since 2010.