Making the Most of Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is looming and many of the deals have already started kicking off, the temptation to start buying things you didn’t even think you needed is very strong indeed. For many of us, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both great opportunities to get all of our Christmas gifts sorted for our loved ones at a discounted rate. Meanwhile, other people will be buying that pair of shoes that they do not need just because there is 25% off them, but would never have bought them at full price.


At Payday Bad Credit, we want you to be able to save on the spending you would be doing regardless. Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a really big financial blessing to us all – Thank you America! Here are some tips as to how you can make the most out of all the Black Friday deals.

You are not saving unless you were going to buy it anyway

One of the traps of Black Friday is that it lures you into spending money on products for the sake of saving a bit of money on them. If you are in desperate need of a new pair of jeans, then it is certainly a sensible time to buy them because you were going to end up having to buy them at full price anyway, so now you have saved yourself some money.

However, if you find yourself putting things in your basket that you had not yet considered, this is where you are actually losing money rather than, in a way, gaining it.

You can help yourself to avoid impulsive spending by setting yourself a budget of x amount and not allowing yourself to spend over that amount. If you are going to the actual shops rather than spending online, you can just take that amount out with you. In the same capacity, you can work out your priorities such as your gifts for Christmas or that new pair of jeans, and therefore not go out feeling tempted by anything extra for the sake of the discounted price.

Use Cashback Sites

Cashback sites can be a blessing any time of the year but can provide you with that extra bargain during the Black Friday period. If you are doing a large order with one specific retailer online such as Amazon or ASOS, you should look to see you can use cashback sites with wherever it is.


During Black Friday, there is no reason why a retailer would not include cashback and this could give you an extra 5% on your overall savings. So, for example, if you spent £1,000 your purchase would give you £50 cashback.

Do your research

Taking the time to do some good research is going to maximise your savings on Black Friday. It is going to be well worth looking at the range of websites because the actual deals and savings which are available will vary from retailer to retailer. In fact, some retailers will also match prices as well. Therefore, if you end up buying everything from one retailer like John Lewis, for example, you should be sure to check their price match policy.

Be aware of deals on certain products

There are some products, especially things like electronics and tech, are going to be cheaper on Black Friday for a reason. They may be discounted because the product itself is outdated or is from a rather unknown brand. This should not really be something you are drawn to if you are looking for a good product.


Take into consideration the life cycles of various pieces of tech such as mobile phones, headphones and speakers. If there are new models coming out of those products in January, it is likely these products will be reduced even more than what they are discounted in the Black Friday discount.

Furthermore, you should be cautious when it comes to counterfeit brands who try and jump on the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale bandwagon. New websites and adverts may begin to appear on your Facebook and Instagram but you should avoid being tempted by these.

If the products look suspiciously cheap, they may be a knock-off. Check that any retail website that you use is secure. You can check this by looking for the padlock in the top left of the search bar next to the web domain.

Check the return policy

When shopping on the high street and online, you should make sure to check out the retailers returns policy before you make any purchases. You don’t want to be left with a jumper that you bought in the sale that doesn’t fit or has arrived faulty.

Most companies will accept returns, others will stop their returns policy when it is Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday.


And remember, don’t end up like this!


Daniel is a loans expert based in London and has been working in the payday loans industry since 2010.