Owning and caring for a pet can be a brilliant experience. Pets bring so much to your life; love, loyalty, company and purpose. However, if you already have a pet you are probably all too aware that they can seemingly become a vacuum on your bank account.


No one wants to give up their pet or the chance of having a furry friend. Furthermore, everyone wants the best for their pet without having to break the bank or take out a loan. To help you save money and give your pet the best care, here are some ideas.

Adopt, don’t buy


If you are considering getting a pet rather than already have one, start as you mean to go on saving wise and aim to adopt. A pure breed dog from a breeder is likely to cost you well into the hundreds or maybe even thousands, depending on the breed. However, if you adopt a rescue dog from somewhere like Dogs Trust, you will be looking at paying a standard fee of £130, regardless of the breed or age. This will include neutering and a welcome pack for your new pup. Not only will this save you a considerable amount of money, you will be making a difference to an otherwise mistreated animal that would really appreciate your home and your love.

Research the Breed

Before getting a pet like a dog, you should do a little research into the breed. You probably already have, but your research may have been based more on how cute you find that particular breed. The reason we are suggesting this is because certain breeds are more susceptible to health problems which will ultimately result in more visits to the vets and more (expensive) treatments required.

Save on Food


It is no secret that it can be extremely expensive to feed your pet or pets! Typically, a large bag of pet food might last you up to 2 months from the pet shop or the supermarket.

When it comes to food, you should try and scout of subscriptions or offers online. They may have deals like buy 3 bags for a certain price which may seem expensive, but it will be better in the long term to buy it in bulk at a reduced price. As for subscription, some pet food companies may offer you a service by which you subscribe to receive their products on an automated basis at a discounted rate to buying outright each time. If you are thinking of this, make sure your pet likes the food and it sits well with them before you sign up to the subscription service.

Groom your pet at home

Saving money on getting your pet professionally groomed by doing it yourself. If you can handle wrestling with your pet a little whilst they try and scrabble of the bath.

Of course, you will need to stock up pet shampoo and buy a comb and clippers, but this will be a lot cheaper than travelling to a groomer who will charge you a lot of money. You can actually find YouTube tutorials which show you how to groom your pet the right way. It is best not to go into the grooming process blindly, so do watch some tutorials or read some blog posts which outline what the best approach to grooming for your particular animal is.



Keep your pet healthy with regular exercise, which is free, to avoid hefty vet bills. Not only will this save you money, but your pet will be all the happier for being physically fit and this will help to build a bond with you.

DIY treats and toys

Toys and treats from the pet store can be ridiculously expensive, and unnecessarily so. So why not make them yourself! This post outlines all the different DIY toys you can make with things just lying around your house, such a using an old t-shirt and tennis ball to create a tug toy.

As for treats, you can simply use left overs as your dog’s treat or you can follow online recipes which you can use to make your own from scratch! Not only will you be saving money, you will also be providing your dog with a healthier alternative which could save on vet bills as well.



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